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GCS offers a total of six (6) power processes (P1, P2, P3, P5, P6, and P7) for handset wireless, WLAN, mobile WiMAX and infrastructure markets.
Our P1 and P2 processes are designed to achieve high ruggedness and superior linearity at the same time. The P5 process features unbreakable ruggedness and high power efficiency at the same time was designed for GSM/EDGE power amplifier application. Several customers (including IDMs) have reported excellent VSWR >15:1 with 5V Vcc bias.
GCS also offers two digital processes (D1 and D5), providing high fT, very low phase noise, integrated varactor and Schottky diodes, ideal for applications such as VCO, tunable filters, and high speed ICs.

Parameter Unit P1 P2 P3 P5 P6 P7 D1 (High fT) D5
Applications   CDMA, WLAN, Linear Gain Block CDMA, WLAN, WiMAX, Linear Gain Block CDMA,
802.11AC, WiMAX, Linear Gain Block
GSM, Driver Amp Hi BV DriverAmp for Base Station, CATV150 12V PA, Infrastructure, Base Station PA VCO, High-speed Digital and Mixed-signal ICs Wide Tuning Range VCO, Voltage Tunable MMIC Filters
Current Gain   120 70 70 70 70 70 150 150
BVceo@ KA/cm2 V 12.5 13.5 19 18.5 23 28 7.5 6.5
BVcbo@ KA/cm2 V 23 23 33 33 45 55 17 29
fT/fmax GHz 45/55 40/58 40/87 32/60 30/65 20/70 60/65 42/55
Schottky Diode   Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Performance Example   Pout=28dBm, PAE=65%, G=20dB, Vcc=3.5V, Freq=2.0GHz, DUT=1700um2 Pout=28dBm, PAE=65%, G=20dB, Vcc=3.5V, Freq=2.0GHz, DUT=1700um2 Pout=21dBm, PAE=71%, G=24dB, Vcc=3.5V, Freq=2.0GHz, DUT=576um2 Pout=36dBm, PAE=70%, G=18dB, Vcc=3.6V, Freq=0.9GHz, DUT=6900um2 Pout=33dBm, PAE=70%, G=21dB, Vcc=10V, Freq=2.0GHz, DUT=1700um2 Pout=30dBm, Vcc=12V, DUT=1920um2 VCO, fo=4.990 to 5.154GHz, Po=9.5Bm, PN= 105dBc/Hz @100KHz offset VCO, PN= 105dBc/Hz @100KHz offset,
C/V Tuning Ratio = 5:1